Our consultancy work focuses on helping businesses in identifying and appraising strategic opportunities as well as developing, executing and implementing a variety of programmes and policies.

We have advised a number of companies on issues relating to their long -term strategy, overseas expansion and re-organizing their current operations and practices. Furthermore, we help our clients to devise communication programmes to achieve their goals and objectives both in the national and international business arena.

Our major objective is to build and manage an on-going relationship with our clients and understand their needs. We aim at helping them to identify and solve their business challenges by providing workable solutions. Some of our services include the following areas:

• Competitive and Industry Analysis
• Research Projects
• Developing and Implementing Strategic Plans
• Introducing various Innovative Business Programmes and Policies
• Evaluation and Analysis of current Strategies
• Change Management
• Corporate Communication Programmes
• Create long-term vision and missionary thinking
• Advise on merger, acquisition, joint venture and strategic alliances issues